Biscuit Cake

Biscuit cake

Biscuit cake is an easy to prepare dessert with little and easily available ingredients. This dessert can be frozen and can be fresh for one week. It is kids friendly and a rich dessert.


Ingrdients for Biscuit cake
Nestle table cream - 200ml
Condensed milk - 200ml
Biscuit - 50
Fruits mix/ choco chips/nuts for topping

Preparation time: 10 mins
Processing time: time to freeze


Condensed milk + cream
Pour the table cream and condensed milk together in a bowl and beat well to get it evenly mixed.

In a cake pan, grease the pan with 2 spoons of beaten milk and layer the biscuits to fit the pan. Spread the beaten milk over the layered biscuits.

And continue layering biscuits over the milk spread. Continue it till the prepared mix is done and the cake pan fits it. I have used chocolate flavor of Graham's biscuits. The biscuits can also be opted for Oreo, Chocolate flavored Marie biscuits.

Finally go for topping with fruit mix or choco chips over the arrangement and refrigerate in freezer for at least 2 hours so that the consistency is thicker like cake.

It can be served by cutting into cubes seasoning with fresh banana cubes.


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