Capsicum stuffed with Macaroni

Capsicum stuffed with Macaroni

Macaroni (Different shapes) - 2 cups
Frozen mixed vegetables - 1 cup
Salt to taste
Red Chilli flakes - 2-3 tsps
olive oil - 1 tsp
cheddar cheese - 1 cup
Capsicum - 4-5 depending on the size (Smaller preferred)


Cut the top of capsicum and remove the seeds inside it so that the capsicum is empty and is like a cup. Wash it and keep aside.

Stuff preparation: In a pan bring water to boil. Add salt and olive oil and then add the macaroni of different varieties to it. Allow it to get cooked. Meanwhile in a pan saute the frozen vegetables and keep ready. Once the macaroni is cooked, drain if there is excess water and add them to the vegetables. Add enough salt and chilli flakes. Saute well and the stuff is now ready.

Fill the capsicum with this stuff and close it with cheddar cheese. Microwave in high for 4-5min till cheese melts.

This dish will be fine for dinner and can be attractive to guests especially sudden guests also as this dish can be quickly prepared.


  1. delightful stuffed capcicum looking delicious

  2. Nice idea! Would be great for parties!

  3. lovely visit the ongoing event and send us some beautiful recipes of yours :)
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  4. That is an awesome idea , something I want to try rightaway :)

  5. Aipi literally stole the words out of my mouth :) I felt the same thing the minute I saw the post - Lovely idea :) cheers, priya


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