Tidy Kitchen

Despite the taste that food brings, the preparation of the food should be given the prime importance. In the sense, planning for the food in a clean manner is highlighted. The clean kitchen paves way to a healthy food prepared in a hygenic manner.  Keeping your kitchen neat and clean is no more a difficult job, with these following tips. They may help you to carry out cleaning effectively.
  • Begin by cleaning your kitchen counters. If you don't use your fruit juicer, or grinder or mixer, or toaster or coffee maker everyday, the ideal thing to do is to stash it away somewhere out of sight and away from your kitchen counter. Do away with everything that you think you are not going to use in the next couple of days. Then, spray liquid cleaner or a disinfectant and wipe the counter clean.
  • Clean your gas stove or oven daily at night after all the cooking is done. Make sure that all the grime and the spills are wiped clean. Do not ever leave it unclean for the next day as that will make the stain added up to remove.
  • Make sure your sink is free of clutter. Wash and stack away your dishes and utensils. Clean the sink once it is clutter-free. Then, remove the stubborn stains. Finish by rubbing it dry. To freshen up, add few drops of vinegar in the sink or alllow a small piece of lime to stay there overnight.
  • Cleaning up your refrigerator can be a very tiring job. Start with checking what leftovers can be discarded. Find out which of the bottles of water or sauces are almost empty, or are too old. Next, remove the shelves and clean them. Clean the outside as well as the inside of the fridge with a soft cloth.
  • Lastly, clean the floor of your kitchen. Sweep up all the debris that you had thrown onto the floor from the counter top and the over and the toaster etc. Now mop it to a shine.
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