About Us

Cooking is an art of preparing food. It is an amazing way to express creativity. Combining colors, flavors and varying the patterns in various dishes makes a great taste. Cooking has to be fused with passion to get yummy taste. One who cooks without haste or waste does an efficient cooking.

It goes easier if organized by planning the order in which you cook the meals and use time to your best. Also clean as you cook as “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. A healthy and hygenic way of cooking forms the backbone of a healthy family. Indian Recipe Corner sticks to these concepts in presenting you yummy meals with numerous kitchen tips along with it.

Indian Recipe Corner abbreviated as IRC is a flavoured corner for all sorts of Indian recipes poured out in traditional cooking procedures, signature recipes, custom recipes, fast and easy to cook recipes along with health information of the ingredients and abundant tips for cooking and kitchen management. The health information of vegetables and fruits used in recipes are given in detail through Health benefits of Fruits and Vegetables. IRC explores Indian kitchen for its glorious heritagae and culture.

It is a wing of the only online women magazine momstimes.com. Apart from its recipe section, a detailed study about Indian Kitchen is being carried out through the blog Indian Kitchen Explored which is an accumulation of the tradition, culture, the taste, the flavour and nature of Indians.

The recipes are showcased in gallery for your comfortness @ Recipe gallery. Enjoy the yummy meals and lead a healthy life full of satisfaction and contented mind.

Suggestions and innovative recipes are highly welcomed to serve your better with a link in return. So please ponder us your recommendations by email at chamsamalini@gmail.com.