Maintenance tips

  1. To clean the oily surface of your stove add a pinch of vinegar to the normal soap you use to clean and scrub.
  2. Put some neem leaves or dry chilli in your rice storewell to avoid small insects and worms.
  3. If you are to leave your vessels unwashed in the sink for a night, then do not forget to squeeze lime juice over them. Doing this prevents foul smell and also insects like cockroaches and small flies in your kitchen.
  4. Stick a list of grocery items in your fridge or a place in kitchen where your eye focuses regularly. Strike the items whatever you finish in the list as such. This list will aid you plan for your shopping.
  5. I keep a small cassette player in my kitchen to play my favourite melodies as I cook. Hearing music while cooking makes me do cooking with pleasure rather than a burden.


  1. oh thats a great tip. I went home for a long time and now find it difficult to scrub and clean the stove. this is going to help me big times. thanks a ton.

  2. I have a music player in my kitchen too.. love cooking with the music on... :-)


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