Curry leaf rice

Curry leaf rice

Handful of curry leaves cleaned, washed and dried
1 cup basmati rice
cumin seeds - 2 tspn
crushed pepper - 1-2 tspn
garlic - 10
bay leaf - 1
cardamom(elachi) - 1-2
salt to taste
ghee - 1 tspn
oil - 1 tspn

Chop garlic into lengthy thin slices. Rice and soak the basmati rice in water for 30 minutes. Then steam cook the rice with 1 cup of water ( For basmati rice the water ratio is always 1:1). Heat a kadai, and add ghee and oil. After ghee melts and is hot add elachi, bay leaf, and stir well till flavour comes. Then add curry leaves and garlic with cumin seeds and crushed pepper. Stir till curry leaf turns crispier. Add salt. Now add the cooked basmati rice to it and mix well. Can garnish with cashew nuts if required.

This rice is very fast to prepare as it requires less ingredients and less time. The time is only for the rice to cook. Can be served as a variety rice to immediate guests. Fried potato curry or chips can be served as side dish.


  1. havent used curry leaves in rice yet.. interesting!


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