Recipe for Yoghurt

Yogurt is a cultured dairy product made from whole, lowfat or skim milk, including dry milk powder. It can be made from either cow's milk or goats milk or even buffalo milk. Each have a different but yummy flavour to taste with.
Recipe for Yoghurt
whole milk  - 500ml
plain yogurt  - 1 tea spoon as a starter culture

MethodBring the milk to boil either using thermometer or as such. If you are using thermometer then the temperature should reach 180F or 80C. If you are not using thermometer then boil milk till you see its top layers start bubbling and rising up the bowl. Switch off. Transfer the milk to a container (preferred is stainless steel bowl with proper lid) and allow it to cool till mild warm and then add the plain yoghurt to culture. Close the lid. Incubate it in moderate temperature where its not cool. After 5-6 hours you can see a thick yoghurt which you can refrigerate to chillness. If you wanted to have a sweet flavour add a spoon of honey or sugar when you go for inoculation(adding plain yoghurt to milk).