Kitchen Tips

  1.  Soak bittergourd in salt water for 1/2 an hour before cuting to cook to overcome its bitterness.
  2.  When cooking peas add a bit of sugar to get good aroma.
  3.  Mix butter with chopped onions to keep it fresh.
  4.  To overcome smell in knife due to chopping onions & garlic, apply some salt on it.
  5. When doing kolukattai, add some milk with water and then stir the dough so as to avoid splits.
  6. When you have mint leaves more than required in store then allow it to dry and then pack in a tight plastic container. It is reusable. Whenever you need to gring any masala for gravy just add them.
  7. When you cut cabbage do not throw its stem. Cook it in regular sambar. It will be very delicious.
  8. Add coconut water along with tamarind pulp when cooking rasam to yield an yummy rasam.
  9. When cooking coconut burfi, also add roasyed coarse powder of groundnut to it for enhanced taste of Burfi.
  10. When you give vegetable soup to kids, to make it more delicious and attractive, add nicely chopped and ghee roasted cashew nuts and deep fried bread crumbles along with it. The Kids will ask you ' Mum, Once more..'
  11. Soak chilli in warm water and then use for cooking to discard Ulcer.
  12. The word 'recipe' comes from latin word that means 'Take!" Doctors wrote this word in prescriptions to tell a drugist to 'take' certain drugs and combine them to make medicine.More Tips....