Raagi puttu uppuma

Raagi flour - 200gms
onion chopped - 1
urad dal, mustard - 1 teaspoon
green chilli - 2
salt to taste
oil to fry
water - 1 cup
grated carrot - 1 cup
curry leaves, mint leaves to garnish

Mix in a bowl raagi flour, salt with little water so that the dough is not too moisty but the flour just sticks to one another. In the pressure cookerpour some water and place the bowl. The water level should only be 1/2 of the bowls height. Let it pressure cook without whistle. Stop the stove when steam comes out the nozzle. Do not open immediately.
By the time in a tava, heat oil , spurt mustard seeds, brown urad dal, add curry leaves, chilli, salt, onion and fry well. Now Open the cooker, take the bowl and crush the mixture in the bowl to become into small bits and then add it to tava. Mix and stir well. Close the lid of tava and cook for 5 minutes in low flame. Stir then and then. Sprinkle grated carrot on it and serve hot.

This is very easy, tasty and healthy recipe to have for morning breakfast. Eat healthy for healthy life.


  1. Never tried uppuma with ragi puttu. Very nice and healthy idea!


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