Little about Egg cooking

1. Always buy fresh eggs by checking the sell by date in it pack.

2. A simple test to check if the egg is rotted or not - Place the egg in a bowl of water with the narrow end inside and widened end outside. If it remains the same then the egg is good. If it turns upside down then throw the egg as it is already rotten.

3. If you have placed eggs in refrigerator, and if you are to go for an egg recipe then before you start cooking keep the egg out from the fridge atleast 20 minutes earlier.

4. Consume egg as early after you cook. Do not refrigerate an egg meal.

5. If you happen to drop the egg on the floor by accident then to remove it without slippery sprinkle as much salt as you can over it and then wipe it out with a cloth or thick tissue paper. The salt will form the granular texture over the egg to be easily removed and also it is a good cleansing agent


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