Cooking Tips

  • To avoid using baking soda in bajji, boondi, add a spoon of hot oil to the paste and go for deep frying. The snack wont be oily also
  • You can add kesar powder or saffron powder to the sweets made out of sugar. But to the sweets made of jaggery even if you add color it will not change.
  • Do you have left over Idiyappam(cooked rice vermicilli)? Dont worry. Soak them in yeast formed curd a night and dry it the next day and deep fry in oil to have crispy curcurre or pappads
  • Try this! Take 1:1 proportion of a glass of wheat flour and water. Mix well and boil it. If the flour is cooked, add a spoon of oil and make small round balls, knead it and thaw it to make chapathi. You will get very delicious one without making the dough.
  • If you dont have red chilli or green chilli when you are to do coconut chutney, try pepper instead of them along with little cumin seeds. You will have a special flavour and your guests also will be delighted.
  • Use pepper instead of chillies in all your meals to avoid ulcer and heartattack problems. Pepper gives the same hot spice that chilli gives with a different aroma and flavour. Try for good health.
  • When you are to taste a recipe that you are cooking, use spoon to taste rather than your hand as cleanliness is an important ingredient in all recipes.
  • Always rinse onions before you go for cutting to get rid of dirts and tears.
  • When you use gingelly oil for cooking snacks or any deep fry, to avoid its foam add a piece of banana skin and allow to boil and then remove it. You will never get that foam due to gingely oil.


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