Kitchen Tips

1. Apply a pinch of oil over eggs to avoid getting spoiled
2. When you boil lentils add a dry red chilli along with it for more flavour and get cooked quickly
3. When you make adai dosai also gring 2 potatoes along with it for a great taste
4. When you make food packets in banana leaf, dip the leaf in hot water and make for a perfect pack
5. When you do vatha kulambu fry chopped orange skin, green chilli in oil along with mustard seeds and curry leaves for a great aroma and flavour.
6. To have fresh lime dip the lemon in midst of salt
7. Wash bronze and copper vessels with salt and lime juice to get a shiny look
8. Do not use bronze or silver spoons for pickles. Use only wooden or plastic spoons
9. When you cut boiled eggs, dip the knife in chilled water and then cut to make perfect egg slices
10. When you make omlette, add a spoon of maida( maize flour) along with it for yummy taste and a big omllete.
11. When you make ulunu vada, grind a handful of cabbage along with it for a bigger and tastier
12. When you make dosa, to get a crispier one and make it easier, apply a spoon of oil and salt on the dasa pan an heat it before you do dosa
13. To avoid insects, worms in wheat flours, add a spoon of salt in the flour box
14. When you cut the chicken meat, before you do apply turmeric powder over it, keep it for 10 minutes as such and then cut. Now you wont have that smell.
15. Cover spinach with wet paper it wont droop so fast.
16. To differentiate baking soda between washing soda:
When you touch baking soda with wet finger, it will turn to a light brown while washing soda will be hot.
17. Do you cry whe you peel onions? Dont worry keep them in fridge for half an hour before you peel.
18. To cook the roots and tubers (potatoes, yam, beetroot, sepam, sweet potatoe) quickly soak them in salt water for 10 minutes before you cook.
19. To increase the life span of meat in fridge keep them along with bay leaf.
20.Add a drop of Lime extract while you pressure cook rice to see it soft like jasmine

21. When you melt butter for ghee, add any of the following to get a great aroma.
  • pepper
  • fenugreek
  • a spoon of buttermilk
  • curry leaves
  • drumstick leaves

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  1. These are great tips! Thanks!

  2. is clear you are a very experienced cook. Some of the ideas were new to us. Thank you for this and we love your Indian dishes. keep them coming. Best, s

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  4. Thanx Sree, Rina, Barbara and Dr. David. Your comments are encouraging me.


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