Kachayam, sweet panniyaram

sweet panniyaram
soaked urad dal - 2 cups
soaked sooji ( white rave) - 2 cups
sugar - 2 cups
elachi ( cardamom) - 3 pieces
oil to deep fry ( Rice bran oil recommended for crispiness)

Drain water completely from soaked ural dal and sooji with a cloth and grind with sugar and cardamom nicely. It would be thick. Now heat oil in tava. Make flat balls of the mixture & drop it in oil. Once dropped in oil it would stick to tava based on its water consistency. Lesser the water in the mixture, lesser is the stickiness. But dont worry. Leave for a minute and then turn. It will be easy. Turn either sides slowly till cooked. It is very easy to prepare and cook. They are very healthy for kids to put on weight and can be kept for two days to consume. The taste increses as the time goes on.

Note: Adding smashed riped banana to the mixture will add more taste and its very famous in kerala, India


  1. ya it is very tasty...u can put the cake in sugar syrup and immediately lift it up..in bengal it call Rasbara...but nice to get it like this way

  2. Thats nice. Thanx Rina. Will be trying Rasbara too.

  3. Looks tasty....
    like the new look of u r blog


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