Crispy moongdal Vada

soaked Moongdal - 200g
soaked channa dal - 100g
corn flour - 2 tbsp
curd - 2 spoon
cumin seeds - 2 spoons
chopped small onions - 1 cup
red chilli - 1. If you want more spice add more
garam masala - 1 spoon
curry leaves, corriander leaves to garnish
salt to taste
Oil to fry. I used rice bran oil


Grind the soaked moongdal coarsely, add the remaining ingredients and mix well. Heat the oil in pan and place the dal balls in oil. Allow to get cooked. Serve Hot. Due to addition of corn flour, it wont be oily, but also be crispy. When I try vada with rice bran oil i have noticed that the crispiness remains for a longer hour.


  1. hi from Santa Barbara! You know we will always pop in on your posts. We love all the Indian dishes. thanks, s

  2. Love it! Wish you were here to make it for me!!!
    Seriously, do love your cooking!

  3. Thanx Barbare, Nicole. Keep on muching..yum yum


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