'Vazhathandu' is the inner stem of banana tree. It has high medical value which could even replace gyms. It is highly rich in fibre. Its extract is used to treat kidney stones. The stem juice when mixed with butter milk and consumed in empty stomach helps in weight reduction. Due to its rich potassium content , the extract when taken on regular basis for many days critical stomach pains can be cured. Have a glimpse of Vazhathandu here,

Vazhathandu - Plantain Tree Stem

Vazhathandu has been my ever time favourite since my childhood and if anybody comes home for lunch I will never avoid a chance to include a vazhathandu dish in it. Any dish out of it can be made in minutes as it cooks quickly. The task is only on cutting it into pieces and the removal of fibre is a must as we cut it. To make it easy, selection of vazhathandu is important. It has to be selected so that it is slender and tender. If it is fat, the removal of fibre becomes tough and the taste is also less. So appropriate selection is important. Then as we cut into small pieces it has to immersed in water to avoid turning brown. To retain the white color itself it can be immersed in curd water. After we use those pieces to make the dish add a pinch of salt in that water and drink it. Do not waste it. Women when taken its extract in post delivery can shed extra flesh cum weight easily. And coming to the recipes, in Vazhathandu, I am experienced in cooking poriyal or curry, raita and kootu. Well, am now in I could say... am undergoing experiments of what else could be done. Try Vazhathandu poriyal and raita.


  1. Vazhaithandu enakku pidithamaana oru poriyal athu mattum iruntha enakku rice kooda venam apdiye saaptuduven,,en amma super ah seivanga enakku rombhavum pidikkum ,,neenga niraya tips atha pathi koduthurukeenga dear..rombha thnaks.


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