Tips for Kitchen Layout

Kitchen should be like a dome of the entire house as it is the place where importance of health steps from. It should be constructed and design with aim of making it a place in which it is pleasing to be together of the entire family who will find it easy to move about among extremely functional articles. It need not be larger and i have seen many small kitchens in my hometown being attractive and welcoming, perfectly in tune with the sorroundings and with the traditions talking family values. I share herewith some of the major disciplines that can be brought into our kitchen in the name of 'Fengshui' and 'Vaastu Sastra'. The hob can be placed in a central position with a canopy formed by its hood to destroy odour and fill the ambience with light at the same time. In most of the Indian Kitchens, hob facing right side is preferred according to 'Vaastu Sastra' so that anybody has to cook facing only east. The electrical appliances have to be carefully concealed beneath the worktop and not reachable to Kids.
According to fengshui an efficient and practical kitchen layout is one where the major three elements:
  1. Washing area
  2. Refrigerator
  3. Cooking range

All these three have to be placed at a distance not less than 6m between them and not broken by full heights, fittments doors or passages.
  •  Mosaic, ceramic tiles, marbles are mostly used for Flooring. Stone flooring or ceramic tiles are preferred for Indian conditions, keeping in mind the sorrounding dirt and dust since the material is hard and stin/ scratch resistant.
  • Good quality plastic emulsion paint for areas under the sink and near the wash area are required.
  •  Cabinets are usually made of 19mm commercial block boards with laminate or enamel/duco paint.
  •  Above all the kitchen layout should be designed airy to match the preferred style of the individual user, and style of cooking. And however is the layout designed, cleanliness is the only boost for the kitchen to give a pleasant and attarctive look. Such marked personalities of an innovative kitchen brings the home the soothing atmosphere of lively activity.


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  1. There really should be ample space for tables, chairs, range, sink, and cupboards, yet the area should not be so large as to necessitate too many steps.


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