Maintenance Tips - 2

21. When you plant the rose plant, plant along with it 2 onions to avoid any insect bites.
22. Place an onion plant in kitchen in a small pot. Lizards will never enter your kitchen.
23. Place a chalk piece in your toolbox to avoid rusting of tools.
24. Apply wax to new chappals inner line and wear to avoid having itchy wounds.
25. Use nailpolish remover to remove the hair-dye stains in clothes.
26. Try brushing your teeth with pomegranate skin once a week to get strong and glittering teeth.
27. To avoid Jeans clothes from fading rinse it in 2 tbsp vinegar in half bucket water.
28. To maintain the freshness of ghee add a piece of jaggery to it.
29. To avoid yeast forming in curd, put a piece of coconut in it.
30. To get aroma in drinking water add a Tulasi leaf in your water can


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