Maintenance Tips - 1

1. Sprinkle asafoetida around the kitchen cabinet to interdict ants.
2. A boundry of cloves also can be made around Kitchen granary store to prevent ants.
3. Neem Leaves on rice bags ad dals prevents insects.
4. To avoid flies in kitchen, mob the kitchen with water added with little salt.
5. To get glittering vessels, soak them in yeast formed milk or curd and then wash.
6. Place dried lemon and orange skins on cabinets for freshness and avoid amall insects.
7. Place a bowl of water with camphor pieces in bedroom corner to avoid mosquitos.
8. To avoid bad smell in flasks, keep with flask with litte vinegar.
9. when making curd add some steamed rice water or porridge to it to get a cake like curd
10. Sprinkle camphor powder on wooden articles to avoid getting decayed by white ants.
11. When performing Yagas at home switch on exhaler fans or keep a table fan facing window and switch on to get the smoke away.
12. Apply 2 drops of perfume to any bulbs on your room and allow it to glow. The entire room will be perfumated.
13. Add a spoon of table salt on the water to wash white clothes to get more whitening effect.
14. To remove over dirts from school uniforms like that soak them in mild hot water before washing.
15. Do the same tips to remove blood stain from any clothes
16. When you light candles during power cut, place a mirror behind the glowing candle to get brightened.
17. Cover bananas with wet cloth to avoid bananas becoming black.
18. Add castor oil to little water and wipe the wooden articles to get the varnishing effect.
19. Place tobacco leaves on book shelves to protect books from insect bites.
20. Use nailpolish remover to clean stained white phone to retain the white color.


Gayathri said...
Great tips, love 'em, keep writing such wonderful posts..
March 2, 2009 7:40 PM said...
Thanx gayathri, your comments are so encouraging
March 12, 2009 4:52 PM

Gayathri said...
Hi,I am regularing visiting your blog, to get more tips, you are so good in giving tips,Can you let me what should i do to keep a half cut apple in the fridge fresh, it turns brown most of the times
March 17, 2009 9:53 AM said...
Gayathri, Thanx a lot dear for your regular visit.Apples do turn dark due to oxidation. Normally i used to apply a bit of lime juice over it to avoid turning dark and it works. The taste also is more good when doing this tip. Have a look at why oxidation takes place at this link.
March 17, 2009 4:08 PM