Economical cooking Tips

Pranam Ladies & Foodies, I am in practice with these tips which are really economical that I rarely go for wasting any left over foods and also some tips that are too easy but adds more flavour to normally cooked simple dishes . Try this .....

1. Add a spoon of curd when making dough for Puri to get it softer
2. Add a spoon of cream or milk when making chapathi dough for softer. You can also follow this that make dough in the same container of milk when its emptied. So the layers of milk left behind will automatically get mixed in the dough.
3. When you make syrup for Jamoon, add a spoon of honey then off the fire. This will act as a perservaive for the syrup & give longer life
4. If Sooji uppuma is left over, mix rice flour with it & make vadai. The taste is superb.
5. Instead of onion, potato, brinjal, plantain bajji try cucumber bajji. Easy to digest also.
6. When making laddoo add 2 drops of any fruit essense to the mixture to have excess aroma and better taste
7. When making Dosa use gingely oil to get crispy dosa and also to have less oil consumption.
Instead of using chilli for chutney or Thuvayal use balck pepper for different taste and more good aroma
8. When making ladies finger bhajji, add a spoon of curd or 1/2 spoon of tamarind pulp to overcome the sticky charater and also the vege will be crispy.
9. Soak any kind of leafy vegetables like spinach in sugar water for sometimes and then go for regular cooking. and enjoy a extremely high taste of greens
10. Fry some fenugreek and make powder of it. Add this powder to Sambar or rasam or Puli Kulambu at the final stage of cooking and then switch off the fire. The aroma will spread to atleast 5 houses.
11. When you cook sago Kheer add 2 spoons of fried wheat flour mixed with milk to get a thick and better flavoured kheer.
12. Simple way of making butter at home: Make curd of the daily collection of milk cream(aadai or milk layers) and the next day with ordinary spoon stir the curd to get the ball of butter immediately.
13. When making ghee add curry leaves or fenugreek or murungai keerai( leaves of drumstick trees) to get best aroma.
14. Try making rasam from coconut water. Really delicious you know.
15. Add 1/2 spoon ginger extract to cauliflower or cabbage bhajji to overcome gastric trouble and also a different taste.
16. If corriander chutney is left over, mix it with curd and make a spicy buttermilk for summer.
17. When you make potato chips, as soon as you cut potatos for chips put them in cold water to get crispier one and no reddish colored chips.
18. Add vinegar in water to potato or cauliflower bahjji to avoid change of color.
19. Apart from green vege cook closing the lid of pan to avoid fuel loss.