Jowar Chapathi

Before getting into recipe let me share some news about Jowar.

Jowar: The Indian name for Jowar is Sorghum vulgare , also known as great millet, kaffir corn, guinea corn. They are produced in semi‐arid regions and provide important human food in tropical Africa, central and north India, and China. Sorghum produced in the USA and Australia is used for animal feed. Also known as kaffir corn (in South Africa), guinea corn (in west Africa), jowar (in India), Indian millet, and millo maize. The white‐grain variety is eaten as meal; the red‐grained has a bitter taste and is used for beer; sugar syrup is obtained from the crushed stems of the sweet sorghum.

Nutritional Information: A 200‐g portion is rich in protein, vitamin B1, niacin, and iron; a good source of zinc; a source of vitamin B2; provides 14 g of dietary fibre; supplies 660 kcal (2800 kJ). For more details
Jowar Chapathi: Jowar rotti is very famous in any Northern Karnataka especially in 'Lingayat' house. But I tried Jowar chapathi in the place of Jowar rotti. My family members loved it and i need not had to fight with my kids to try this new chapathi.

Jowar flour 1 cup
wheat flour 1 cup
Water 1 and more as required to make dough
Salt -1 tbsp
Jeera or cumin seeds - 2 tbsp
turmeric powder - 1/2 tbsp

Mix all ingredients except water. Then adding little by little water make the dough as soft as your kids cheeks and leave it to settle for an hour.
Then kneed the dough balls to make chapathi. No need to add oil also when making chapathi. If required add ghee for aroma.

Side dish: It goes good with all varieties of gravies and more tasty with Brinjal bhajji